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Nicholas Fainlight
3 min readJul 7, 2023

Nicholas Fainlight, a recent finance graduate, is an aspiring young professional with a lifelong interest in the economy. Growing up surrounded by family members and friends working in finance, Nicholas gained valuable insights into the industry from an early age. Hailing from a town near New York City, where finance played a prominent role, he developed a keen awareness of financial matters and a fascination with their fluctuations over time.

During his college years, Nicholas pursued a broader understanding of finance, appreciating the technical aspects of the field. He admired his professors as mentors, recognizing the significance of working with experienced professionals to enhance one’s career prospects. Nicholas believes finding the right mentor early on can significantly contribute to personal and professional growth.

Before graduating, Nicholas Fainlight gained practical experience through internships and jobs that prepared him for his future career. Notably, he enjoyed an internship with the Charlotte Hornets, a basketball team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. This experience allowed him to apply his financial knowledge while participating in sports, another passion of his. Nicholas emphasizes the value of internships as they provide students with hands-on experience and help them explore different industries before committing to a specific path.

Within finance, Nicholas finds futures trading particularly intriguing. Futures trading involves analyzing past economic trends to predict future market trends and making bets on the fluctuations of stocks, currencies, and other assets. This fast-paced field requires staying informed about market developments and adapting to change. Nicholas appreciates the excitement and unpredictability of futures trading, making it an area he is enthusiastic about pursuing.

Additionally, Nicholas Fainlight has a nuanced perspective on the economy of sports. He finds it arbitrary how economists can determine the value of a sports team, recognizing that decisions made by a group of individuals can significantly impact a team or company’s future. Constructing a new stadium or plant can dramatically alter their valuation.

Throughout his studies and professional experiences, Nicholas has learned the importance of being personable in finance. He believes financial success requires an outgoing nature, a willingness to take risks, and an eagerness to learn through experience rather than fear of failure. Nicholas’s thirst for knowledge and success has driven him to excel in his education and career.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Nicholas Fainlight is an avid sports enthusiast. He has participated in various sports, including little league baseball, competitive swimming, and rugby. Michael Phelps is one of his favorite athletes and closely follows the Chelsea FC team. For Nicholas, sports provide more than just physical activity; they foster friendship, teamwork, and personal growth, teaching valuable life lessons and transferable skills.

Nicholas Fainlight is an aspiring young professional with a passion for finance, an appreciation for mentors, and a love for sports. Through his education, internships, and ongoing curiosity, he continues to grow personally and professionally, applying his knowledge and experiences to forge a successful path in finance.



Nicholas Fainlight

Nicholas Fainlight is a finance and banking student currently based in London, rugby player, and water polo gladiator.